8th to the 12th of August 2016

Mathsweek 2016 starts on Monday the 8th of August and runs through Friday the 12th of August.

For Year 1 through to Year 11 students. 284 087 students were registered last year!
Using mathematics in topics relevant to your student's lives...

  • The new largest Prime Number. Discovered in January 2016!
  • Maths Millionaire? Interactive game at three Levels. Year 5 to Year 11.
  • Survivor Series class tasks.
  • Daily Dollar questions.
  • The Dam Busters. Maths that was needed in this historic bombing raid.
  • Championship Darts.
  • The Sound of Music. Maths from the famous movie!
  • The Maths Chaser. Popular game at three Levels.
  • The Motorway Planning problem. Steiner Points.
  • Travelling on Route 66. Maths on this famous road trip.
  • Olympic Games. Mathematics from competitions involving kiwis.
  • Skiing in France. A week at Meribel. Every young person's O.E. dream!

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